Loading pallets in 2 tiers with protective shields

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Loading pallets in 2 tiers with protective shields

Sometimes it is necessary to optimally place more pallets that fit on the truck’s body floor area. The solution is to place the pallets on top of each other in 2 tiers. The installation must be stable, concentrated and often secured by shields on one or both sides.

For pallets loaded in 2 or more tiers, a new parameter “Front rest area” was introduced. When installing the pallet above the floor, the area of its front face (side) and its part, which abuts on the upstream pallets, are calculated. The ratio cannot be less than a given parameter, for example, 30%. As a result, prepared loading schemes prevent the displacement of cargo while braking.

It is possible to set additional load securing fixtures and structures, such as shields, to prevent displacement. The algorithm determines it’s optimal location and builds the second tier of loads accordingly. It is especially useful for goods of approximately equal height. The parameter “Front rest area” works for any loading algorithm available in TruckLoader container loading software. For example, algorithms prioritizing the axial balance of cargo volume.

More sophisticated constraints can optionally be applied for loading pallets in 2 tiers:

  • pallets loaded in 2 tiers have to be surrounded by protective shields on both sides;
  • restriction on the number of pallets in a row that are between the shields, the requirement for the rows of pallets to be adjacent to the sides of semi-trailer;
  • At least two rows of pallets must support protective shields;
  • first and second tier pallets must have the same base dimensions;
  • the requirement to place lighter pallets on heavier ones;
  • avoid shields to rest on pallets of imperfect form.

The figures below show examples of loads with imperfect form highlighted in red that are not allowed to support shields.

The result is estimated using a special mode of the Balance algorithm applied to Pallets template.

TruckLoader container loading software allows finding the load balance on the axles, even when the pallets have to be installed in 2 tiers. In addition , many loading constraints can be applied along with the special blocking equipment, such as protective shields, to secure the installation.

Below is a demonstration of pallets loading in 2 tiers secured by protective shields: