During the implementation of TruckLoader, a loading algorithm was developed that meets the specifics and requirements for our goods. All calculations of loading schemes are performed automatically.
Applying TruckLoader enabled to eliminate underloads - vehicles load optimally subject to the maximum permissible axle loads, securing the stability of goods in the semi-trailer even if stacked in several tiers. The result is an increased average cargo mass transported per vehicle.

As part of the project "Optimization of axial loads on Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV)", we used the program "TruckLoader - Optimal Cargo Loading". We managed to increase the utilization of our transport by 4.5% thanks to the schemes developed using this software.

OCHAKOVO - No. 1 Russian kvass producer We can already observe the usefulness and high efficiency of this software product. Its application at our enterprise allows us not only to obtain reasonable recommendations on the optimal loading of large goods vehicles but also to evaluate the maximum transportation capabilities, taking into account the safety and security of cargo. From our experience, we note the usefulness of TruckLoader on the way to fleet modernization.

PCBK Group – top tier pulp and paper company in Russia: The results of TruckLoader implementation at our enterprise:
1. General automation in calculating loading schemes.
2. An increase in the volume of loaded products by 4-6% on average in every third vehicle.
3. Reduction in time spent by employees preparing loading schemes from a full working day to 1-2 hours.

Delovye Linii Group - leading transport and logistics operator in CIS. We have conducted tests to determine the optimal estimation and compare loading algorithms corresponding to our tasks. The software of Kalita Systems LLC satisfies our requirements the most. While using the program, loading became more optimal, the safety of fleet and cargo transportation increased.

As a result of the tests, a good agreement between the TruckLoader estimated loads and the scales readings was obtained. The possibility of increasing utilization of vehicles against current indicators was clearly demonstrated, without exceeding the axial loads.

Southern Juice Company Limited – a large producer of juices in Russia. Currently, our employees use TruckLoader to calculate the most complex loads in order to optimize the location of goods in the vehicle ... For several months, Southern Juice Company have not received a single fine for overloading.

We are proud of our customers.