Calculate the maximum permissible mass of bulk cargo for a given transport. Perform loading of the maximum mass of bulk cargo controlling for axle loads. Determine the optimal location for the last bucket of product in the truck body.

Initial data:
Vehicle – 6-axle or 5-axle with WIELTON trailer.
We assume the mass of the bucket with the product is 5 tons.
The diameter of the product scattering from the bucket on the body is 2 meters.
Normative axle load limits are 10 tons / axle.

The solution to the task for a 6-axle vehicle

The configuration of the axles is presented below, and the permissible axles loads are indicated in accordance with the local law limiting normative axial load of 10 tons per axle. The program has a replenished database of vehicles, whereas the user can change all parameters independently. We chose a MAN TGA tractor unit and a WIELTON semi-trailer (8 meters) for this example.

Parameters of the 6-axle vehicle

Even before loading, we can estimate the theoretical maximum mass of cargo that can be transported without violating the axle load limits and the gross permitted mass. For the presented vehicle and load limits, the mass is more than 28 tons.

Next, we carry out loading in 2 stages: evenly pour the bulk of product weighing 28-5 = 23 tons, and then look for the best place to pour the last 5 tons bucket into the body so as not to disturb the load balance across the axles.

Stage 1 – uniform loading of 23 tons of sand.
To do this, we set the load equal to the dimensions of the truck body with the appropriate weight and load it in any mode. The location of the load, its center of gravity and axle loads, are shown below.

Loads with uniform loading of 23 tons in a 6-axle

Stage 2 – loading the last bucket.
The last bucket is defined as a cylinder with a radius equal to the width of the body and a mass of 5 tons. For the program to choose the best place for it, we select the following calculation parameters.

Calculation Method and Parameters

To perform additional loading, click on the load in the cargo list with the right mouse button and select the corresponding item in the drop-down menu. The calculation result is presented below.

Additional loading of 5 tons in a 6-axle

Loading the last bucket into the specified 6-axle towards the end of the trailer enables us to take up to 28 tons of cargo without exceeding the loads.

The solution for a 5-axle vehicle.
For the same semi-trailer, we now select a SCANIA 2-axle tractor and carry out the loading described above in 2 stages.

Now the maximum mass of cargo cannot exceed 24 tons, so at the first stage we evenly load sand weighing 19 tons, then balance it with the last bucket with 5 tons of product.

The figure below shows a report on 1 page with numerical loads and a loading scheme. The scheme’s scale corresponds to the length of the body, and the axles are located in according to the vehicle’s specified configuration.

2-stage loading results for 5-axis

The last bucket should be loaded into the specified 5-axle vehicle over the first axis of the third bogie to take up to 24 tons of cargo without exceeding the loads.