TruckLoader - optimal placement of cargo in the container, wagon, railway wagon...
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The total cost of the programme - $990. The price includes:
  • full set of materials to install
  • manual and tutorials
  • HASP guard key, enabling to use the programme on any PC
  • express delivery worldwide
  • technical support and update during 6 months
Procedure for obtaining and installing the programme
5 days after payment you will receive the full pack of materials and a personal guard key. Form of payment – transfer upon receipt of invoice, VAT exempt.

Installing the programme
Before installing the programme plug your personal guard key into the USB port of your PC and launch the key driver installation according to your operating system preferences. Next step, install the programme TruckLoader. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, call us on +7 (985) 842-29-40 or e-mail at Our technical support service will provide support for the purchased programme, along with answering any enquiries or updating your programme specifically to your needs when necessary.

For corporate use, discounts up to $850 apply when you purchase 5 or more licenses

online service
The programme may be obtained remotely (stable connection at speed of 1Mbt/s minimum is required). A copy of the programme may be launched by inputting login and password on any PC without prior installation. We are using Amazon servers for demonstrations and clients who depending on the type of their business have to work out of the office. This version is absolutely identical to the local one, therefore demo access allows you to try all the functionality of the programme.
The cost of a 1-month access to one copy of the programme is $90.

Complex Truckloader programme may be adapted specifically to customers’ needs; integration into company’s information environment, and adding new functionalities are also available. The outstanding of TRUCKLOADER is the possibility of its integration into company’s existing information environment. Depending on the configuration of the operating system, this integration may include the following features:
  • connecting to the customer’s database of vehicles and cargo
  • transference of the list of cargo from external database directly into a loading checklist
  • use of auto loading function as a an external procedure in a corporate system
  • information output from a loading checklist into the external data source
The cost of works to be negotiated.
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Demo version To have practical exposure to TruckLoader use a
demo version
TruckLoader Booklet
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