TruckLoader - optimal placement of cargo in the container, wagon, railway wagon...
5-step loading within 10 mins...

1. Select a vehicle - 10 sec
The user drags and drops suitable vehicles from a listed selection to a loading checklist.

2. Cargo selection for stowage- 1 min
All loads for freighting should be dragged and dropped into the bill of lading from the database which in turn, may be integrated into a corporate information environment. Automated loading from prepared accounts or invoices in Excel format will take even less time.

3. Autostowage - 20 sec.
Optimal stowage algorithm will allocate the cargo from the loading checklist within seconds, while taking into account the input restraints.

4. Allowance to move the goods manually - 8 mins
The finishing touch to auto loading can be added manually by dragging the loads inside the truck with your mouse. Only in TruckLoader, unlike its analogs, is this process user-friendly: such functions like adhering to the edges, gravity, and automatic change in a plane of motion are available.

5.Printing the report on sequence of loading - 30 sec.
Upon completion of stowage, you receive a full report on loading, according to which a modeled scenario can be reproduced in real life.

Summing up:
  • you have memorized such a simple procedure first time and will be able to replicate it.
  • it has only taken you 10 mins to prepare a final report for loading
  • you only had to use a mouse to implement all the operations and no keys or pencils
Video clip about 5-step loading:
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