TruckLoader - optimal placement of cargo in the container, wagon, railway wagon...
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1. A database and Excel Data Loader reduce the time used to create the loading checklist
A range of all the loads and parameters of the vehicle used can be kept in the database. The entered parameters will be accounted in any subsequent use when loading. Excel Data Loader automatically forms a loading checklist based on a bill or a bill of lading in accordance with loads stored in the database, while all the new goods will be included into the database after the necessary parameters have been added.

2. Optimal stowing algorithm will fit maximum of cargo into containers, trucks, and railway wagons.
Almost no one is any longer using paper and pencil while stowing loads. Information technologies help understand a complex system of objects for loading. When applying the algorithm there is no need for the user to choose the sequence of placement, the programme will help to automatically place dozens or even hundreds of loads in seconds considering their dimension, weight, fragility, sequence of loading, and many others.

3. Loading interactivity enables manual editing for the cargo placement
You can not only visually estimate the stowing scheme, but also correct it quickly. For the purposes of moving in three dimensional space the drag and drop functionality was implemented. You can always add all the remaining cargo to the load in automatic mode.

4. Report to print the loading scheme
The programme will draft a clear report for printing with step-by-step stowing, highlighting groups in case of priorities for unloading. When such a scheme exists, stowing itself will take less time, yet comply with stipulated loading regulations. Project save options allow to return to the loading scheme at any time.

5. The manual will help you master the programme quickly b>
As it contains many illustrations which are explained step by step, the whole training will not take more than 30 mins

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